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FSA partners with almost a dozen community non-profits who collaborate to prioritize programming in the zones, create common measures of success, share data and assess impact, strategize to help families achieve their goals, and commit to collective impact training and work.

Boomerang is a youth development organization. Its mission is to inspire youth to bounce back from challenges and move towards positive change. Boomerang provides engaging, hands-on educational opportunities that inspire young people to be agents of change in their lives and communities. This is where students connect their voice and experiences and problem-solve as a group. At Boomerang, students work daily on building key skills: conflict resolution and communication, healthy relationships, self-management, and reducing risky behaviors such as substance use. Boomerang has served over 2000 young people since 2006.

  • Alternative to Suspension: Monday to Friday, 9:00 am – 2:00 pm
    Middle and high school students on short-term suspension may be referred to Boomerang by their school; families may also refer their student. For self-referrals, please call the office to find out if space is available.
  • Continuing Connections After School: Tuesday to Thursday, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    1. Tutoring in math, science, language arts and history
    2. College exploration
    3. Job readiness
    4. Arts-focused workshops on effective communication and self-expression
    5. Personal finance and goal setting



Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation
The mission of the Chapel Hill-Carrboro Public School Foundation is to spark a love of learning in all students. We create opportunities for students and teachers in every school in the district. We believe that every child deserves the best possible education. And we know that excellent teachers ignite a love of learning. We see high quality public education as fundamental to any vibrant community. We fund literacy sessions in Zone schools as well as supply children’s books and home visits for literacy support.

Our support services include:

  • Funding literacy sessions in Zone schools
  • Providing children’s books
  • Scheduling home visits for literacy support



Childcare Services Association
Child Care Services Association (CCSA) is a state and national leader in the development and implementation of effective, sustainable initiatives and systems that transform the lives of diverse families, child care professionals, early childhood programs, its leadership and staff into change-agents for better outcomes for all young children. CCSA’s mission is to ensure affordable, accessible, high-quality child care for all young children and their families.

In pursuit of our mission, CCSA provides:

  • Family support services that include child care scholarships to help low- and moderate-income, working families who cannot pay the full cost of quality child care and child care referral services to all families needing assistance in finding a child care program for their child;
  • Quality enhancement services such as scholarships for child care professionals to take college coursework and attain certification/degrees, salary supplements to improve the wages of child care workers and reduce turnover in programs, and technical assistance and training to help child care programs improve the early care and education they provide;
  • Nutrition services that include catering for child care programs and sponsorship of the federal child and adult care food program; and
  • Public policy, research, and advocacy in the field of early care and education.




Compass Center
Compass Center for Women and Families helps all people navigate their journey to self-sufficiency, safety, and health. We empower individuals and promote equal access to opportunity regardless of gender or economic status. Our services include career and financial education, domestic violence crisis and prevention programs, assistance with legal resources, connections to community resources and youth health education programs. As part of Family Success Alliance, Compass Center provides financial education to help families gain skills and knowledge to assist them in transcending generational poverty. We facilitate financial workshops in English and Spanish in each zone and provide accessible one-on-one financial coaching to families connected through the Family Success Alliance.

Our services on-site in the zones (at zone schools, libraries, etc.) include:

  • Financial Education Workshops provided in English and Spanish on various topics including: savings, budgeting , credit, consumer protection, understanding and improving credit scores, and financing
  • One-on-One financial coaching

Any of our services can be accessed by families who are part of Family Success Alliance (ex. domestic violence crisis services (Spanish and English), Career counseling (English only),  legal information (English only), etc.) and can be received in person at our offices in Chapel Hill or by phone depending on the service.



El Futuro
The mission of El Futuro is to nurture stronger familias to live out their dreams. We do this by providing immigrant-welcoming (trauma-informed, bilingual, and culturally humble) mental health and substance use treatment for Latino children and families in the zones, and in other parts of Orange County and central North Carolina. Orange County families are able to access our services through our school-based work at AL Stanback Middle School, and through our two, outpatient clinics (in Durham and in Siler City). We focus on providing a comprehensive, evidence-based, two-generation approach to care, with the recognition that when parents receive the support they need, they are better able to nurture their children and provide a stable source of support during times of stress. Our staff — all of whom are bilingual and many of whom are bi-cultural — provide a warm and welcoming environment of healing and hope, with the goal to support Latino families in getting back to the dreams for the future that brought our newest neighbors to our community in the first place.

Our services include:

  • Individual, family, and group treatments
  • Therapy sessions with licensed social workers, counselors, and substance use counselors
  • Psychiatric services and medication management
  • Evidence-based and trauma-informed treatment and clinic practices
  • Psycho-education and other groups incorporating holistic approaches to post traumatic symptoms and stress management (mindfulness, relaxation, yoga, and others)
  • Walk-in clinic hours at our Durham clinic
  • Holistic case management
  • School-based treatment
  • Telehealth appointments when appropriate



EmPOWERment, Inc.
EmPOWERment, Inc. was established not only to build homes, but also to build lives. In order to raise community awareness and dialogue, a multi-pronged and ambitious mission was created. Aside from facts, figures, and accomplishments, EmPOWERment, Inc. has become a listening ear, a helping hand, and a trusted friend to many people in our communities. Some successes cannot be measured by statistics, rubrics, or graphs, but instead lie in the social capital of connecting people with the tools to construct their dreams into reality. Over the years and through changes in community, leadership, and staff, EmPOWERment has remained vigilant in honoring the integrity of that mission and continues to focus on several key areas:

  • Affordable living through quality rental units
  • Increased education surrounding pre- and post- home purchase
  • 1-on-1 counseling for ownership preservation and foreclosure management
  • Community building and organizing
  • Grassroots economic development
  • Summer internship opportunities for youth



Girl Scouts
Girl Scouts remains the preeminent leadership development organization in Orange County dedicated to girls and is often the sole exposure to leadership development programming for girls in under-resourced areas. All Girl Scout programming is founded upon the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, a model that engages girls in exploring the three Keys to Leadership: Discover, Connect, and Take Action. By participating in activities that are designed to help girls discover their strengths and values, connect and communicate effectively with others, and take action to implement change, girls develop strong character, social competency, and leadership skills. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience aligns with the recommendations of experts in the youth development field, such as the Harvard Family Research Project, who agree that participation in quality out-of-school programming can contribute to healthy lifestyles, reduce risky behavior, improve academic achievement, and ensure positive social and developmental outcomes for youth. Key programs:

  • Troops: Troops are groups of girls led by at least two adult volunteers, who meet year-round in a safe, accepting, girl-led environment where girls “learn by doing” and become leaders.
  • Community Outreach Program: The Community Outreach Program extends Girl Scouting to girls who have barriers to participation in a traditional troop, such as financial or transportation obstacles. We work with schools, churches, and recreation centers to implement customized programming at locations where girls naturally gather.
  • Camp: Girls can access outdoor educational opportunities at one of our four camps where they can take on challenges and bond with other girls in an active, healthy environment.



Created in 1988 to provide services to young children and their families, KidScope provides social-emotional and mental health services for young children, consultation in classrooms for young children at risk, evidence-based parenting education, inclusive early childhood education for children with special needs, and health and child development resources for families and providers of young children.

As part of KidScope’s outreach services, we provide evidence-based therapies for families with children birth to five that focuses on improving the caregiver-child relationship and increasing positive behaviors. Parents are actively involved and gain an understanding of their children’s behavior and how to respond to it in a developmentally appropriate manner.

Other Kidscope services include:

  • Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation
  • Mental health services in English & Spanish
  • Incredible Years Parenting Education & Support
  • Assuring Better Child Health and Development (ABCD)
  • Inclusive child care programs



Orange County Health Department
The Orange County Health Department (OCHD) serves Orange County residents via four departments: Dental Health, Personal health, Environmental Health and Health Promotion & Education.

The mission of the Health Department is to enhance the quality of life, promote the health, and preserve the environment for all people in Orange County.

The backbone staff of the Family Success Alliance is housed at the OCHD.

Backbone Agency:

  • Lead efforts to ensure a shared vision for change, including a common understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving it through agreed upon actions.
  • Facilitate agreement on common measures, collect and analyze relevant data, and evaluate results to ensure outcomes for families are achieved and partners can hold each other accountable.
  • Coordinate partners to establish a plan for implementing mutually-reinforcing activities that help families achieve their goals and is consistent with the resources available in the Funding Agreement or with resources potentially available through fundraising efforts.
  • Communicate consistently and openly to build trust, assure mutual objectives, and appreciate common motivation



Orange County Literacy Council
Why Literacy? Because low literacy skills have an effect on almost every aspect of life. For example, in Orange County, of those adults who lack a high school diploma or GED, men earn 40% less and women earn 60% less than the living wage for a single parent.

The mission of Orange Literacy is to help adults reach their education, employment and life goals. We do this by providing free, flexible instruction in reading, writing, basic math, English, computer skills and GED preparation.

Our other services include:

  • Family Literacy Program
  • basic literacy
  • GED preparation
  • Digital literacy
  • English language instruction



United Way of the Greater Triangle
At United Way, we make sure vulnerable children and their families matter because where you live affects how you live. This includes access to quality childcare, affordable housing, access to healthy food, good jobs, and overall well-being.United Way of the Greater Triangle (UWGT) is committed to a family-centered, collaborative approach that is an effective way of working for non-profits and for families. Helping vulnerable children and their families reach their full potential changes their circumstances and strengthens the fabric of our community. While we all have shared dreams for our children’s futures, for families that are struggling, their ability to make those dreams come true requires a shared commitment from us all.

We are working collaboratively to get children and their families to YES Y- Youth success, E- Early childhood success and S- Stable homes – all are pillars for happy, healthy, and thriving families. YES gets families to hope, dignity, self-sufficiency, and self-respect.



Volunteers for Youth

Volunteers for Youth has a simple goal – to positively integrate children and youth into the community and help them recognize that they are valuable and important. Started in 1981 by community members working with the juvenile court system, the focus of Volunteers for Youth is delinquency prevention. Through mentoring, teen court, and community service programs, Volunteers for Youth works to equip youth with the tools to become responsible adults. Volunteers for Youth’s mission is to provide services to Orange County youth that help them become contributing members of the community by cultivating their strengths, encouraging positive relationships, and developing their ability to make responsible choices.

Our support services include:

  • Community Mentoring
  • SMART Mentoring
  • Every Girl Counts
  • Teen Court
  • Community Service and Restitution