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We all want a decent life – to be able to pay the bills, put healthy food on the table and see our children succeed in school and in life. Yet in Orange County, which has the highest cost of living in the state, we’re seeing discouraging trends in our families and our communities doing these basic things. And when families struggle to make ends meet, it impacts their children now and for years in the future.

No one organization or individual has the “silver bullet” to change the way poverty decreases the chances our children and our community have to succeed. That is why a diverse group of parents, elected officials, community organizations, and government partners are coming together to adapt lessons from successful models, like the Harlem Children’s Zone, to Orange County. We work to ensure families have the skills and tools needed for their children to feel successful and be successful.

These models improve children’s chances for educational and economic opportunities by serving a defined geographic area (a zone) and its children with a seamless “pipeline” of evidence-based programs, services, and supports from cradle to college and career.

The Family Success Alliance was created
because this is the reality in Orange County:


We rank first in
income inequality
of all counties
in North Carolina.


Almost 30%
of Orange County
families do not
earn a living wage.


75% of our children
born into poverty will
remain in poverty or in
low income households.

Our collaboration has made a long-term commitment to address structural inequities
so all Orange County families can succeed.

 Our Work is Centered Around Family Priorities







Our Work is Driven by Data & Evaluation

  Shared measures align partners with common Alliance goals

  Ongoing data sharing facilitates continuous learning & improvement

  Longitudinal analysis & evaluation focus on long-term outcomes