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The Family Success Alliance is a collective impact initiative to close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in Orange County, North Carolina. A diverse group of parents, elected officials, community organizations, and government partners have come together to work with families to improve their children’s chances for both educational and economic opportunities from cradle to college and career.

At FSA, we surround families with a steady stream of support, services, and opportunities to make sure they can reach all their goals and break the cycle of intergenerational poverty.

Graphic to show three goals of FSA

We dream big for our kids. We want them to have success in life, health, happiness and safety, plus the ability and opportunity to live up to their full potential. For some families, those dreams may seem out of reach no matter how hard they try. We know many families struggle and work to make ends meet. High housing prices and the cost of living in Orange County make it difficult for many to realize their dreams.

The Family Success Alliance partners with low-income families to ensure families have the skills and tools needed for their children to feel successful and be successful.

FSA backbone staff work at the Orange County Health Department.

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